Otsopack uses maven . Therefore, using the pom.xml of the root directory, you can easily build and generate distribution packages. For more information on how to do it, check this page.

To use Otsopack, you need to add the version you want to use and its dependencies to your classpath.

The build process will copy all the dependencies into a folder (once again, is detailed here). Anyway, they are listed in the following sections.

Common dependencies

Name Last tested version Optional
rdf2go.api 4.8.3 No
cglib-nodep 2.2 No
objenesis 1.2 No
apache commons io 2.4 No
restlet 2.0.13 No
restlet.ext.jackson 2.0.13 No
jackson-all 1.7.3 No

Android version

Name Last tested version Optional
restlet (Android version) 2.0.13 No (Android version) 2.0.13 No

Java SE version

Name Last tested version Optional
otsoCommons N/A No
restlet (SE version) 2.0.13 No
restlet.ext.simple 2.0.13 No
rdf2go.impl.sesame 4.8.3 Yes
sesame-runtime 2.7.1 Yes
simple 4.1.21 Recommended
slf4j-api 1.7.5 No
slf4j-nop 1.7.5 Recommended
sqlitejdbc 056 Recommended

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