Otsopack is a Triple Space solution which has different incarnations for heterogeneous devices. Triple Space Computing (TS) is a paradigm based on Tuple Spaces where Semantic Web techniques are used to define the knowledge which is exchanged using a distributed shared space (for more information check this presentation in Spanish).

Otsopack runs on...

Otsopack is designed to be run in a wide variety of devices with limited computational resources. More specifically, nowadays those platforms are supported:

Use cases

In order to understand the scope of the project, the following use cases can be considered:

  • As part of the ISMED project (2008-2010), heterogeneous mobile devices interacted with others, using the JXTA peer-to-peer protocol
    • The considered scenarios were mainly domotic, as detailed here.
  • As part of the ACROSS project, rich mobile devices interact with each other and with the infrastructure
    • We have published two articles describing the supermarket scenario and the hospital scenario (check it here).
  • As part of the TALIS+ENGINE project, embedded devices in Ambient Intelligent scenarios (check it here).
  • As part of the THOFU project, mobile and embedded devices in Ambient Intelligent scenarios within a Hotel (check it here).


This solution has been developed by members of the MORElab Research Group at DeustoTech - Deusto Institute of Technology in the University of Deusto.

Check related publications here.

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About Otsopack

Otsopack is a semantic middleware which follows the Triple Space Computing paradigm to allow the coordination of heterogeneous devices.

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